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Дневник пользователя "lisad"

четверг, 13 ноября 2014 г.
Mortgage lending is an obvious exception. lisad 03:48:01
 You hear about the high drop-out rate but Texas education scores pretty well at national tests for 4th and 8th graders in math, reading and science. The aggregate is about average <a style="color:#fff; text-decoration:non­e;" href="http://www.in­tegrated.com.cn/prof­ile.html"></a>.

"The perception is that Texas has poor schools but it's not correct. Across the country in general, we don't have schools as good as we would like them to be."

In eighth-grade maths, for instance, Texas scored higher than the national average and outscored the three other big states of California, New York and Florida. On Sunday, an education budget was approved that restored cuts made in 2011 <a style="color:#333; text-decoration:non­e;" href="http://www.pr­ohair.com.hk/hair_N.­html">hair loss</a>

8. Fewer rules
Continue reading the main story
And why some might not move to Texas
University of Texas Longhrons in action

"Texas is liberal in the classic sense, it's laissez-faire, so there's a lack of regulations," says Grieder, and this can apply to the obvious (business regulations) or the less obvious (city rules).

"The classic social contract is - we're not going to do a ton to help you but we're not going to get in your way. That's not 100% true of the state but there's that strand in the state."

Mortgage lending is an obvious exception. But there has been strong opposition to banning texting while driving and a proposed tax on soda.

And Governor Rick Perry is poised to sign off the strongest email privacy laws in the US, which would require state law enforcement agencies to get a warrant before accessing emails.<a style="color:#fff; text-decoration:non­e;" href="http://www.ha­ir-add.com/baldness.­html"></a>

вторник, 7 января 2014 г.
The world is a large stage lisad 02:49:13
 The world is a large stage where all things are possible if you strive and brave to stand the painful trials and errors. Generally everyone enjoys the equal oppotunities to realise his or her self worth as long as we tap our potential in accordance with morality and just laws. However it's actually not that fair for each of us as far as some occurences of nepotism are concerned . As is the self-evident truth ,no society is ultimately equal and fair especially in terms of the unbalanced distribution of wealth . Being it the hard fact, we sill have the reason to set out to achieve big things against all the odds because a comfortable and affluent life come with relentless efforts. Happiness is always an end we humanbeings aspire to attain at all costs , but some of us is too eager to gain it , leading to regrets for the rest of life. If the means you take to gain happiness are bad or exert harm to others , you won't have a true happy life in the end. Besides a slew of terrible consequences will accordingly arise from the wrongdoings. At the expenses of people and state property , tyrant launchs wars <a style="color:#333; text-decoration:non­e;" href="http://www.ha­nshingroup.com/produ­cts.asp?ClassOneID=4­&ClassTwoID=9&mid=2"­>Whiteboard Trolley</a>

on other reletively weaker nations , but no matter he wins or otherwise it's the people and their later generations that suffer all those losses materially,pysicall­y as well as psycologically. That's why he is going to be notoriously labled as a tyrant claiming ruthless atrocitis to not only his people but other innocent populice. To gaurantee reaching a desired end and construct a perenial realm of happiness , each individual and the country should first and formost figure out a just means or prerequisite for that popurse.
In those 40 years or so , we have made big strides in reform and opening-up to the outside, living up to almost all the goals the party set for our development . As a would-be worker , I have a mixed feeling of anticipation and fear in light of a multitude of seemingly negative
information circulating on the press and sina micro blog website . Corruption and abuse of power still run rampant in the gonernment , the state-owned company is still a place for lazy and uncompetent workers with stable and good salaries at the cost of the state revenue which comes from hard-working taxpayers at large, and the most horrifying statement is that all the enterprises prioritise conextions instesd of personal creativity , giving rise to a highly hiarachical coporate structure and a shameful culture which preach neponism and favorism. The debt-ridden Greece have tasted the bitter fruit of utilitaranism and we should take her as a warning in the coming state governance and grassroots democracy advancement.
<a style="color:#333; text-decoration:non­e;"href="http://www.­otterbox.asia/case-c­overs/iphone-skin.ht­ml">iphone screen protector</a>
We tend to think of America as our presumed enemy based on her reactions to us, whereas without her the modernisition of China is merely impossible let alone the great rejuvenation of the great Chinese nation looming not afar. In my humble opinion, all we have achieved to date owes a great share to the US. Even the strategy of sustainable development is inspired by the book- the silent spring by an american female writer. I suppose we follow and further study US in the economic term as our example and mean while avoid restage the finatial crisis steming from the motgage sector by resume meticulous control over the housing bubbles in key metropolises.
I am about to graduate and securing a good job is of paramount importance for my future well-being , so I hope the real estate turns a afordable market for the public instead a sector for speculators who own too many houses , wasting the fruit of the prosperity. A party observe in the interests of people , administrate for people and sincerely render its service to the wellfare of people . Only by live out its true creed will we see a new China ,a realm of happiness overflowing
<a style="color:#333; text-decoration:non­e;"href="http://www.­citictel-cpc.com/EN/­HK/Pages/product-ser­vices/trustcsi-mfs">­Managed Firewall Service</a>

суббота, 21 декабря 2013 г.
People are more likely to lie or cheat during the afternoon lisad 03:20:10
 People are more likely to lie or cheat during the afternoon because self control diminishes(,) during the day, according to researchers<a style="color:#fff; text-decoration:non­e;" href="http://www.tu­tor-class.com/buxila­oshi.html"></a>

Volunteers taking part in two experiments where they could benefit by cheating were more likely to do so if the tests took place after midday, researchers found.

The findings back up previous studies which have shown that our capacity for self-control declines during the day, due to tiredness and repeatedly making decisions.

Psychologists from Harvard University first showed a group of volunteers various patterns of dots on a computer screen, asking them to decide whether there were more dots on the left or the right hand side.

Instead of being rewarded for getting the answer right, the participants were paid based on which side they chose, earning ten times as much for choosing the right hand side as the left.

People who were tested after midday were significantly more likely to select the right hand side, even if there were clearly more dots on the left, than those who took part during the morning.

In a second test, participants were shown a series of word fragments, such as "--ral" and "e---c--" and asked which words they associated with them.

In morning experiments, participants were more likely to form the words "moral" and "ethical" while during the afternoon the words "coral" and "effects" were most common.

Further tests conducted online showed that people were more likely to send dishonest messages or claim to have solved an unsolvable problem in the afternoon than the morning. <a style="color:#fff; text-decoration:non­e;" href="http://www.pr­ohair.com.hk/case_le­tter.html"></a>

Writing the Psychological Science journal, the researchers said the difference was particularly pronounced in people with higher ethical standards, who always behaved morally during the morning but slipped during the afternoon.

In contrast, those who were able to "morally disengage", or behave unethically without feeling guilty, were prone to cheating whatever the time of day.

Dr Maryam Kouchaki, one of the lead authors, said: "Unfortunately, the most honest people, such as those less likely to morally disengage(,), may be the most susceptible to the negative consequences associated with the morning morality effect."

The findings could be relevant to organisations who should be more vigilant about the behaviour of customers and employees during the afternoon, she added. "Our findings suggest that mere time of day can lead to a systematic failure of good people to act morally."

<a style="color:#fff; text-decoration:non­e;" href=http://www.int­egrated.com.cn/profi­le.html"></a>
вторник, 26 ноября 2013 г.
The life I desired lisad 03:56:36
 The life I desired


That must be the story of innumerable couples, and the pattern of life of life it offers has a homely grace. It reminds you of a placid rivulet, meandering smoothly through green pastures and shaded by pleasant trees, till at last it falls into the vastly sea; but the sea is so calm, so silent, so indifferent, that you are troubled suddenly by a vague uneasiness. Perhaps it is only by a kink in my nature, strong in me even in those days, that I felt in such an existence, the share of the great majority, something amiss. I recognized its social value. I saw its ordered happiness, but a fever in my blood asked for a wilder course. There seemed to me something alarming in such easy delights. In my heart was desire to live more dangerously. I was not unprepared for jagged rocks and treacherous, shoals it I could only have change-change and the excitement of unforeseen.

Дневник пользователя "lisad"

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